Integrated Data and Finance Management

Through effective and efficient data management our occupiers receive information and reporting which is accurate and complete, whilst respectfully preserving the underlying integrity of their data. Finance Management presents comprehensive finance solutions to address occupier’s operational and reporting requirements. Engaging these services allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Our experienced Data and Finance Managers engage in a seamless manner with our occupiers to ensure their business and reporting requirements are understood and met at all times.

Our systems and standardised processes enable us to manage large and complex portfolios successfully for the ease and benefit of our occupiers. We operate within a well-established controlled environment to ensure we execute operations of our occupiers’ in a compliant manner to achieve the desired outcome.

All our comprehensive reports are available to our customers on an ‘as-and-when-needed basis’, which assists management decisions, and can be adjusted to ongoing and changing circumstances during the management of a portfolio. Our systems and financial reports are of the highest level and are based on relevant accounting standards, which support occupiers to achieve favourable audit outcomes. 

Whether an occupier requires data management services to manage their portfolio or to carry out analysis on certain aspects of their portfolio, we are equipped to assist to extract maximum value out of your portfolio. Our experienced finance management team is proficient in managing customers, suppliers and delivering on detailed financial reports to ensure all your financial goals are achieved in a seamless and professional manner.


  • Data Maintenance: Capturing and updating existing data across multiple and extensive portfolios.
  • Data Reporting: Occupiers’ data reporting is customised to their unique requirements.
  • Debtor Services: Billing, collections and comprehensive reporting on debtors.
  • Supplier Services: Reconciliations, invoicing, payments and detailed reporting on creditors.
  • Treasury Services: Managing cashflow as per business requirements.
  • Financial Reporting: Comprehensive financial reporting that is aligned and compliant to relevant accounting standards and regulations.

Wynand Van Jaarsveld
Integrated Data & Finance Management

Case Studies

Workplace Assessment Analysis In the wake of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we were tasked with a workplace assessment analysis of
Work, relax & collaborate An International Pharmaceutical company tasked ID with designing and building a high-end office workspace for the
telecommunications client’s lease audit project. Challenge: Cleansing a portfolio by abstracting and validating >11,500 contracts to deliver an accurate, complete