Retail shopping mall.

January 21, 2021

Retail shopping mall.

Challenge: To negotiate enriched and amicable lease terms with the Landlord


  • To agree an alternate beneficial lease date and lease terms with the Landlord, that would achieve a saving for the client over the lease period.
  • To achieve a lower rental rate for the client, to that originally proposed by the landlord.
  • To finalise the hybrid lease agreement during the negotiations.


  • The alternate beneficial lease date was agreed upon by the parties at a lease rate of R228.50m² below original Landlord requirement. Tenant installation amount agreed between the parties.
  • This approach resulted in a signed lease agreement between the parties.


  • Calculated lease sanction saving for the client of R8.2m.
  • Security of tenure for a further 5 years with lower costs for the client over the period.

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