Multinational oil and gas Client’s variable payments.

January 21, 2021

Multinational oil and gas Client’s variable payments.

Challenge: Transition from fixed municipal payments to payments based on actual usage


  • Legacy system, based on fixed monthly payments to reduce risk of default, had resulted in large credit balances on municipal accounts and lacked transparency on actual usage
  • Undertook a comprehensive review of all municipal accounts and charges to determine scope and to quantify actual expenditure and account balances


  • Developed an independent financial and data system to process and pay municipal charges on a continual basis
  • Created a pre-funded trust account to hold funds and pay bills on the Client’s behalf
  • Established an interface with the Client’s systems to record expenditure and to enable recovery of applicable expenses from retailers


  • Successful implementation of the new system as a global first for the Client’s network real estate
  • Identification of significant credit balances on municipal accounts, resulting in a reduction in operating expense
  • Increased understanding of actual site operating costs and the ability to address account issues as they arise

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