insurance client’s network plan

January 21, 2021

insurance client’s network plan.

Challenge: To deliver a network plan around existing and optimal retail outlet locations


  • To deliver to the Client a comprehensive portfolio strategy report that could be used to facilitate decision making in particular, around optimal retail outlet locations. The report included recommendations on outlet closures, consolidations and new outlet establishments.
  • The proposal was to deliver to the Client a proposed blueprint perspective of an optimal national retail portfolio footprint based on the methodologies utilised.


  • All the respective retail outlets were geo-located and plotted.
  • All the main competitor locations, as defined by the client, were plotted.
  • Primary catchment areas for each outlet was determined and mapped.
  • External influencing factors affecting outlet potential were identified and mapped.


  • Compared and evaluated the respective external and internal data of each outlet to recommend required outlet alignment strategies to market potential.
  • Determined portfolio gap areas and current possible cannibalisation of catchment areas.


  • In this specific case study of 323 points of representation, the recommendation was for the closure of 23 first tier outlets, 30 locations identified for new first tier outlets and 23 outlets to be monitored for underperformance. Furthermore there were 36 second tier outlets identified for closure and 85 second tier locations identified for new establishment.

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