banking client’s portfolio management services

January 21, 2021

banking client’s portfolio management services

Challenge: To provide portfolio management services across a portfolio of 3,500 interests.


  • Processing of rental payments for both fixed and variable charges was challenging as the core data was found to be inaccurate and unreliable
  • Large proportion of expired leases created tenure risk
  • Maintenance issues remained unresolved and Landlords failed to deliver on their contractual obligations.


  • A full lease read of the retail and office portfolio was conducted to abstract and upload accurate critical portfolio data
  • Portfolio site visits with key issues identified and resolved
  • Target driven delivery of expired leases focusing on both volumes and rental reduction savings


  • ~R400m savings delivered between 2015-2017
  • 86% reduction in expired leases since Jan 2016
  • Achieved Zero Data Gaps and 99% Data Accuracy
  • KPIs for service delivery showed 100% delivery of accurate and timeous processing of rental payments

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